Our roadmap may change over time in order to better meet our customer needs!

 2020 (Q3/Q4)/2021

  •  Create minimum viable product

 2021 (Q4)

  •  Create Native Token with 10-year vesting schedule on Solana
  •  Bug fixing and V2 of the platform
  •  Search engine optimization


  •  list GMP token on CoinGecko
  •  Integrate our native token (GMP) to be used in Game Tournaments
  •  Design reward schedule with GMP token for gamers
  •  Expanding team (Hire people to organize tournaments and deal with social accounts)
  •  Marketing
  •  List the GMP token on more exchanges

 2023/2024/2025 - Focus on

  •  Listing the GMP token on exchanges
  •  Customers experience and providing the best service possible
  •  Quality of the platform
  •  Creating marketing strategy
  •  Expanding global presence and awareness
  •  Publish 10 year plan to scale to 100 M users